Mar 27, 2014

Horizon is translated to German for OpenStack Icehouse!

After my call for help two days ago, a few new people started helping with the German translations and we've achieved the goal of translating 100 per cent - that's all 2141 strings!
This was done by Christian Berendt, Marita Werner, Robert Simai, Sascha Peilicke, User "Schwefel", User "transistor" and myself! Thanks for getting this done!

I'm impressed that we got this final step done so quickly!

A special applause to Marita for doing the final 60 strings - I consider the last the hardest ones since those are the ones that we all skipped ;)

Mar 25, 2014

Translating OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) - Let's get German in!

The OpenStack 18n team has recently asked for translations of the dashboard for OpenStack Icehouse, here're two emails with details (first mail, second mail).

My friend Robert suggested to do the German translations to finally have the dashboard available in German as well - and Sascha stepped up to help coordinating the German language team.

For German, there's only one resource left to translate called "openstack-dashboard-translations" - and it's available like all other OpenStack translations at transifex.

If you want to join, just do the following (the instructions apply for other languages as well, some links go directly to the German parts):
  1. Join Transifex at
  2. Join the German OpenStack translation team and wait until your request is accepted.
  3. Go to  the German Horizon page
  4. Click on "Openstack Dashboard Translations" and start translating.

A few days ago there were 860 untranslated strings for German, now we're down to 525. Who's going to help to get it down to zero until the deadline (I've heard 4th of April)?

If you want to learn more about the OpenStack i18n team, visit this wiki page.