Apr 18, 2014

OpenStack Icehouse released - and available now for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise

OpenStack Icehouse has been released and packages are available for openSUSE 13.1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3 in the Open Build Service.
The packages are developed in the Cloud:OpenStack:Icehouse project and can be download from the openSUSE download server:
  • For openSUSE 13.1, you can add the Icehouse repository with:
    zypper addrepo -f obs://Cloud:OpenStack:Icehouse/openSUSE_13.1 Icehouse
  • For SLES 11 SP3, add the icehouse repository with:
    zypper addrepo -f obs://Cloud:OpenStack:Icehouse/SLE_11_SP3 Icehouse
If you like to install from packages, follow the OpenStack Installation Guide for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise which has been updated for Icehouse.
With Icehouse, you can use the dashboard now in German and also use a new wizard for network creation.
Additional information about the release is available on the OpenStack web page.
My personal highlights of the new release are:
  • The translation of the dashboard to German and the new accordion navigation in the dashboard
  • The updated Installation Guides that have been greatly improved.
  • The new Database module (trove) that allows easy creation and manipulation of Databases for usage by virtual machines and thus gives you Database-as-a-Service.
  • The Compute component now allows migrations and upgrades - you can first update the controller nodes and then the compute nodes and run thus a mixture of old and new compute nodes.
  • The great progress that Orchestration makes with better integration of projects and giving the users now full control of manipulation of stacks.
  • Learning about the "most insane CI infrastructure". The more I learn about the CI infrastructure and interact with the infra team, my appreciation about their great work growth. Thanks a lot, Clark, Elizabeth, Fungi, Monty, James, Sergey, et al.!
Also, thanks to the Documentation team, it was again a lot of fun to work together with all of you and release Icehouse documentation and improve OpenStack! Team, I look forward to drink with you the 104 beers that Gauvain promised for Atlanta ;)
Now on to get Icehouse integrated into SUSE Cloud for our next release...