Nov 14, 2013

SUSECon '13 - second day

Today's program at SUSECon '13 had one major topic: SUSE Cloud and thus OpenStack: First I listened to two presentations about Apache Stratos, an PaaS solution that can be used on top of OpenStack. I was impressed by the level of process integration they have, how they can support devops and how they integrated java. Then, I listened to a presentation about the Cisco and OpenStack. A SUSE Cloud installation is nicely integrated with Cisco UCS and then there's the option to scale OpenStack networking with Cisco Nexus routers. Next was the exception to the rule: A presentation about SUSE's changes for system management in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12. Afterwards it was back to OpenStack - this time the VMware story where networking with NXS (formerly Nicira) and VMware vSphere integration was presented - and the SUSE Cloud integration using VMware as hypervisor was demoed.

The day closed with a visit to Disney's Epcot park where we even did a test drive of a "self designed" car.
Photos from the day have been added to my gallery.