Nov 16, 2013

SUSECon '13 - Final day

It's Friday - the final day of SUSECon. The closing keynote was by Lew Tucker from Cisco who's also the OpenStack Vice Chairperson.

He gave a great overview of cloud computing and OpenStack - and how Cisco plays a role in it. He also cited some impressive numbers on network traffic world wide.
It was interesting to see that Cisco UCS has an API that you can use to manage the Cisco hardware.
Also a demo was shown that showed the integration of Cisco UCS together with SUSE Cloud - and SUSE Manager and SUSE Studio for a complete lifecyle management.

At the end of the keynote the video "What's the Chameleon Say" was shown. SUSE's Russ Dastrup wrote a great script and filmed the  initial version  with his kids and some friends - and then during SUSECon filmed the version below with participants.

Btw. additional videos are available from the SUSEvideo channel on YouTube.

I attended then the session called "wicked trip into wicket network management". Olaf Kirch and Matthias Eckermann explained the complexities of networking on Linux and how the ifcfg framework will be replaced for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 by a new concept called "wicked". Wicked uses a wickedd daemon and a wicked command line utility to manage complex network setup.  It handles renames of interfaces and can be configured by both config files and via dbus. The package wicked is available for installation in openSUSE 13.1 from the Open Build Service.

Thus ends my report from SUSECon '13. If you like to see more photos, check my updated gallery.