Sep 24, 2012

openSUSE Summit 2012

Friday afternoon the openSUSE summit started. Registration opened in the morning and thanks to Kenneth, Vincent and Alan for welcoming everybody!

The afternoon had a few sessions and then the openSUSE Summit Opening Ceremony started.  opened the event and then Andy Wafaa and Michael Miller talked about the openSUSE project - and gave out large geekos to Vincent as new openSUSE chairperson, Alan Clark as passing person, Izabel Valverde for her work on the travel sponsorship team and to Bryen Yunashko for his work as co-chair.
Andy and Michael were also distributing openSUSE 12.2 DVDs and signed them. So, I'm a proud owner of a special 12.2 DVD!

Our pool party in the evening was moved inside due to rain. Alan had bought many small battery-operated boats that were build together and then they had to race over the pool. Many of them took a few detours and went in circles; some tried to dive - so a search and rescue team was launched to rescue some of the boats. It was a great fun.

Saturday morning Stefano Maffulli from the openstack foundation talked about open source and the cloud in his keynote.

Afterwords many sessions were held. As part of the openSUSE Summit, some GNOME developers met for a hackfest and Bryen organized a raffle to help sponsoring them.

In the evening we had a Hawaii party with Hawaii music and dancing.

Sunday started again with sessions and then Bryen handed out certificates of thanks to everybody involved in the success of the event. Then we had a big discussion round (called "general session") about what we liked and disliked at the conference and about openSUSE in general. There was also a discussion on the role of the board - should they be passive or actively doing things? It was suggested that the board actively pushes team to move forward and helps them do what they need to be successful.

It was great to talk with many people - many I've never met before. The geeko lounge was a great place to relax and discuss.
Thanks for a great event especially to the co-chairs Bryen Yunashko and Alan Clark, to the SUSEcon organization team for all their organization, to our sponsors SUSE, owncloud and omnibond.
I've uploaded a few more photos from the summit to an album.