Apr 28, 2012

Recent changes in openSUSE Factory - Kernel and X.Org

Just a quick note on two topics regarding the openSUSE distribution:


Linus has released Linux 3.4 RC4 and you can get it as usual as RPM from the openSUSE Build Service in the Kernel:HEAD repository (download it here). it's expected that kernel 3.4 will be the openSUSE 12.2 kernel.
Jeff Mahoney has disabled a couple of options to make the resulting kernel image smaller and faster to build. He disabled DECNet and ARCnet and LocalTalk drivers on
i386-default. Also many drivers that only be used on embedded hardware are disabled. The last change was not done for ARM.
Full details are in his email message.


Dominique and Vincent have updated X.Org to the current 1.12.1 release and all the packages are now available for testing (check this email for details). During the update they splitted each tar ball in his own package and also updated the metadata for it so that now "osc collab" (install the package osc-plugin-collab from openSUSE:Tools to use it) and the build service status view will show available upstream show version.