Apr 27, 2012

openSUSE's Freight Train

A new year comes with new goals and plans. The year 2013 for SUSE starts on the 1st of April 2012 and one of the goals is to increase the amount of effort SUSE engineers put into openSUSE. So, we'll see soon in openSUSE more SUSE engineers actively contributing to Factory.

More active people means more conflicting needs and interests! To preserve our culture of "just do it" and "have fun", we've established a mail address where everyone (volunteer or not) can mail to if he/she feels there is a blockage in either the "doing" or the "fun". Such blockages can be documentation, procedures, technology and tools, or people.

A team of people who've been around for a while and know the technical as well as social side of openSUSE is there, dedicated to make sure you can do and have fun - currently: Henne Vogelsang, Jos Poortvliet and myself will take care of any complaints you send to them via freighttrain@opensuse.org. We'd also. For more details, read also the Freight Train wiki page. We also welcome more people to join our team - and hope that the freight train will not become a problem.

Why do we use the word "freight train" here? The openSUSE community consists of many different people - and some of them are able to work full-time on openSUSE, perhaps as part of a team of others. Those people might have a faster drive than others - and might "roll them over". We'd like to avoid these situations and whenever they happen to help fixing.