Nov 13, 2011

What has changed since RC2 in openSUSE 12.1?

Just three more days until the release of openSUSE 12.1. Last Friday, 11th of November, Coolo declared 12.1 as golden and the openSUSE community is now busy pushing out everything to the mirros and reworking the openSUSE web pages for the launch. If you like more information about openSUSE 12.1, check the openSUSE 12.1 Portal.
Since the release of RC2 quite a number of bugs have been fixed. During the RC phase and especially after the last RC, Coolo pushes for bugs that cannot be fixed with an online update, thus bugs that break initial installation, installed defaults and the update applets.

The following fixes for the installation were done:
  • A number of packages have been missing on the DVD and thus lead to failures installing packages, failures when running yast without network access or missing translations. In total 998 additional packages have been added on the x86-64 DVD and thus increasing the media size by 400 MB. The x86-64 DVD now contains 4605 packages
  • Translation updates for YaST, slideshow and package descriptions
  • udev: Fix deadlock that lead to hanging installations
  • patterns: Install gnome-shell-extension-alt-status-menu on GNOME.
  • yast2-packager: Fix handling of small partitions
  • yast2-installation: 
    • Take care that network is available directly after boot; 
    • save ssh ecdsa copies from old install; 
    • fix deadlock with systemd
  • permissions: Disable fscaps handling - this fixes ping not working on Live media for normal users
  • yast2-iscsi-client: improve discovery
  • systemd: Fix rpm macros to only call presets on initial install
  • libstorage, the library used by YaST to handle partitions and storage:
    • improve detection of /home partition
    • fix crashes
    • fix fstab handling when mount-by-uuid partition is reformatted
    • fix crash when deleting multipath volumes
  • yast2-storage:
    • add nofail for fstab entries on USB, ISCSI and FCOE disks
    • reserve more space for buttons
A number of packages that are not necessarily relevant for installation have been checked-in with fixes as well:
  • Apper: Teach it handling of licenses; fix provides to handle update from 11.4
  • Chromium update to 17.0.922 which fixes a couple of bugs
  • Fix for gnome-menus to ignore invalid desktop entries that could crash gnome-shell.
  • SuSEfirewall2: Fix for systemd; Fix rpcinfo path
  • a2ps: Fix wrong parameter usage for gv in a2ps.conf
  • aaa_base: replace mtab with symlink in initrd already
  • alsactl: Fix crash and handling of Front speaker 
  • amarok: Change ksuseinstall to support the gstreamer-backend instead of the xine one
  • arpwatch-ethercodes: update to current version
  • clicfs: do not write 0 bytes
  • desktop translations: Update of translations for desktop files
  • gdm: Fix crash on login with nvidia driver
  • glib2-branding-openSUSE: Do not install security updates silently since this pops out a polkit dialog with no context for the user.
  • gnome-keyring: Fix update problem
  • gnome-settings-daemon: Fix suspend and hibernate keyboard buttons
  • kdebase4-openSUSE: Additional artwork
  • kdebase4-openSUSE: do not set a proxy by default, KDE requires root password for package updates if there is one set (even with empty variables); use libreoffice name instead of non-existing oofromtemplate
  • kdebase4-workspace: Don't corrupt Plasma's global config from Power Management; kdm: don't even look for grub-set-default, we won't need it; fix crash when gpsd is not running
  • kernel-source: Add Elantech touchpad v3/v4 support; Xen fixes; alsa fixes
  • kiwi: Various fixes
  • less: correctly recognize xz compressed data  
  • libreoffice-branding-openSUSE: added branding for openSUSE-12.1
  • libzypp: Do not set "keep packages" enabled by default on repositories; update translations
  • lightdm: Update to 1.06, fix a security problem
  • lxc: Teach Linux Containers about openSUSE 12.1
  • mariadb: Fix rpm scripts
  • mkinitrd: Revert the NO_KMS_IN_INITRD -> KMS_IN_INITRD rename, it breaks other scripts for no good reason
  • mozilla-nss: explicitly distrust DigiCert Sdn. Bhd; fix security bug
  • mysql-community-server: Fix rpm scripts
  • nagios-plugins-zypper: Handle openSUSE 12.1
  • nspluginwrapper: No need to handle flash-player anymore since a 64-bit x86-64 version exists.
  • openexr: minor fixes
  • pam_ssh: Avoid blocking ssh-agent
  • pdsh: Update to 2.26 to fix bugs
  • php5: security update
  • polkit: add support for org.freedesktop.policykit.imply, disable debug spam and allow unprivileged users to query authorizations
  • postfix: systemd related fixes
  • release-notes-opensuse: Enhanced, update translations
  • rfc: update to current version
  • samba: handle missing AppArmor snippets
  • sysctl: Fix a bug where ejecting optical drives caused immediate re-close of tray and knotify crash
  • timezone: update to 2011n to handle new summer time changes
  • util-linux: dmesg: fix printing of multibyte characters;do not run fsck on file systems that have no partitioner
  • v8 update to to fix a couple of bugs  
  • xorg-x11-server: Fix X server crash with record extension
  • yast2-trans: Update yast2 translations for da de el es fi fr gl hu it ja pl ro uk.
  • zypper: update translations
For full details of the changes incl. bugzilla numbers, check the opensuse-commit mailing list archives. Further fixes have been done and will be available as online updates soon.

Thanks to all those that tested RC2, reported bugs and fixed the problems!
If you're running RC2, you will get these changes as patches - to test the update stack - from the update repository or you can update from the oss repository via "zypper dup".